Frequently Asked Questions about Vista Oceano

How many hours do I get with my ceremony at Vista Oceano?
The venue allows 4 hours including set up and clean up time.
Are there any restrooms on the property?
Yes, however, for 25 guests or more, restroom rental is required.
How many parking spaces does the venue have?
You may bring 5 cars up to the ceremony site. For more than 25 guests, a shuttling service is required.
Is there power at the ceremony?
No, there is no power at the ceremony site. Musicians or DJ's must come with their own generator to run their speakers.
May I bring my own d├ęcor for the ceremony?
Yes. Please bring appropriate weights to secure it since nothing is allowed to be staked into the grass.
Is a wedding coordinator required?
A Wedding Coordinator is not required but strongly recommended for all weddings. Here are three experienced wedding coordinators:
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If I have more questions, what should I do?
Call or text Olga at 805-324-7353